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ResTech-US - An Overview

Restech-US is committed to be the leader in Porous Resin Technology. We develop applications that deliver added value to our customers.

Porous Resin in the Ceramics Industry

There is an exciting future for Porous Resin in the ceramics industry, presenting opportunities to reduce cost, simplify processes and improve lead-times.

The unique opportunities presented by Porous Resin in mold making are well known:

Enhanced product definition

Higher product yield

Dramatically enhanced mold life

The benefits beyond the mold shop have not received the same degree of exposure:

Increased flexibility in production scheduling offering shorter lead-times.

Reduced resources invested in plaster mold management

space utilization benefits.

ResTech-US delivers complete "Porous Resin Solutions" designed to allow our customers to maximize these benefits.

Porous Resin Solutions

It is our unique approach to the application of Porous Resin that makes the difference. That approach is based on four key elements:

Material formulation and preparation

Mold structure and assembly methodology


Open, improvement orientated relationships with our customers.

The PowerPurge Resin Die System for the RAM ProcessTM from Restech-US

The ResTech PowerPurge RAM Press System includes innovations in mold manufacture, case options and mold care.

PowerPurge Molds

Every mold is customized to meet the specific requirements of individual customers; however all ResTech-US molds share benefits unique to the PowerPurge range.

Market leading purge performance

A combination of material strength and structural design improves mold durability and eliminates cracking during the life of the mold.

Improved firing yield

The ResTech-US Case Options

The ResTech-US standard tooling system utilizes existing masters and may not require re-tooling. This tooling produces a mold that faithfully reproduces product shape and definition and has a long productive life.

The ResTech-US "MoldCare" System

The more comprehensive the commitment to porous resin molds the greater the potential benefits.

The ResTech-US MoldCare System ensures mold stocks are always ready when required to support production schedules, planned or otherwise!

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